Friday, May 18, 2012

Tiny Artist - Homemade Instruments

To go with our Musical Instruments Theme I helped Xander make some musical instruments of his own.

For the first one I gave Xander some paper plates and some paint.  I am so excited I found an outside table for crafts!  He really loves painting but doesn't always keep it where it goes.

 He got a little too excited with the paintbrush.

Then put popcorn inside and glued the plates together.  I used tape for an extra level of security.  Staples probably would have worked better, but I  was worried about him scratching himself.  The end product is in the picture at the top.

For a second one I gave him some paper cups and some stickers.

Fun for stacking.

 Then I put more popcorn inside and taped them together.  Made a great little shaker.  For the third one I used clear cups and my rainbow rice and some clear duct tape.

1 comment:

  1. Fun and simple ideas! I've made paper plate tambourines similar to these before. I glued them together, then punched some holes and tied them together for added security. The cup idea I haven't tried - I'll give it a go with my daycare kids soon. :)


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