Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Favorites and Wishes

I added a new link to my header bar last week and thought I would give a quick explanation.  I added the "Faves and Wishes" link which takes you to our Amazon store.  When I am stalking reading other people's tot school and home school blogs I always like to see what toys and tools they use to get ideas for our own use.  The store seemed like the best way to share what we use and like.

However, I divided mine just a little bit differently.  I have one set of links of things we actually own or have used elsewhere (friend's house, museum, etc).  When I see other people's stores I always wonder if the products are things they actually used and liked, or whether they are just adding things they see on Amazon and think they would like.  We have read all of the books under the Book category of the store, and while we own many (thank you garage sales) we also check out at least 20 a week from the library.  A lot of the books  on the store are books I listed in our Best Books posts.  For the things I think we would use and like I added a wishlist category.  I really wanted to avoid "false advertising" and that seemed like the best way to share things we think would be useful without actually claiming to have used them.

Looking at that toys we have category, I feel so incredibly blessed seeing how many educational tools and toys we have!  I have been remarkably lucky with consignment stores and garage sales!  Being a single mom and a grad student, I couldn't afford them otherwise!  I am so grateful to be able to provide a variety of experiences for Xander!

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