Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tot Trays - Circle Week

Xander is 17.5 Months

 These are the trays from last week, so they happened during our Circle Week and our Ball Theme.  I try to have the trays link in when I can, but don't feel constrained by making them fit.  I don't intend the trays to be done independently, but rather scaffolded by me.

Tray #1:
Our first tray wasn't really a tray, because it didn't fit on one.  I had his Magna Doodle out with a cup of magnets of different sizes.  There is also a circle magnet that came with the Magna Doodle.  He had a great time stamping on it, sometimes with a bit too much enthusiasm.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a great picture.

 Tray #2:
As part of his Ball Theme Tot Pack, I had a football sizing page.  For the tray I printed them onto cardstock and laminated them.  I also made and laminated some goal posts.  We talked a lot about the sizes and I would ask him to show me the biggest one or the smallest one.


Tray #3:
Xander's third tray had a lacing activity.  I just cut some segments off of a pool noodle, which served the dual purpose of making the noodle shorter and more manageable for him.  I gave him a shoe lace and showed him what to do.  I like that the discs are more two dimensional since a lot of the things we used for this theme were spheres rather than circles.

Puzzle of the Week:
For one of his trays I always try to do a puzzle.  This week's puzzle was his circle sorter.  I was so lucky to find this one at a garage sale last fall.  The nice thing about this puzzle is it is one of the few he can actually do by himself.  It is also very sturdy... Xander tends to use excessive force when putting pieces into place.

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