Saturday, May 26, 2012

Best Books - Week 21

Best Books is my series of posts that highlights books we find during our book challenge!
These are our finds from week 21.

(Note:  We try to read a minimum of 28 books a week.  The books we list here are our favorites that we found in each week, not necessarily our favorites overall.  Some weeks we find some fantastic books, other weeks we read a lot of fluff.)

Xander's Favorite:

The Eye Book by Dr. Seuss writing as Theo. LeSieg

We have both always loved Dr. Seuss books, although some more than others.  Somehow, though, I had completely missed this one until I ran across it at the library.  Simple and cute, it was perfect because Xander has a habit of walking up to people and poking them in the eye saying "eyyyyyyyyyyyyye."

Mommy's Favorites:

Let Me Help by Louise Vitellaro Tidd

This is a Real Kids Reader about a little girl helping out her father, but needing to slow down and be careful. It had real photographs and easy to read words.  Since the photos were simple, we were able to talk about objects like the ladder and the bananas.  I will need to keep my eye out for more readers like this at the library.

I added an Amazon Store to the blog.  In it I included a shop for our favorite books and will be adding the books from the Best Books posts to it.  I hope having them in one place will make it easier when looking for book suggestions.

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  1. We have a board book of the Eye book. They used to have the sets at Sam's Club. I think my favorite is still Hop on Pop.


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