Saturday, May 19, 2012

Best Books - Week 20

Best Books is my series of posts that highlights books we find during our book challenge!
These are our finds from week 20.

(Note:  We try to read a minimum of 28 books a week.  The books we list here are our favorites that we found in each week, not necessarily our favorites overall.  Some weeks we find some fantastic books, other weeks we read a lot of fluff.)

Xander's Favorite:
Pizza Soup by Fay Robinson

I never would have guessed this to be one of Xander's favorites when I picked it up at the library, but we ended up reading it three times in a row.  It had fantastic cadence and rhymed, and featured one of Xander's favorite topics - food.  I liked that it included a recipe in the back so you could actually make the soup they talk about in the book.

Boats Afloat by Shelley Rotner

This nonfiction book had some really great photographs in it.  Essentially it goes through all the different types of boats, how they move, and what their function is.  Xander sat on my lap and wanted to look through it again and again.  He pointed out all the flags on the boats as well as any photos with oars.  I will have to see if the library has similar books on motorcycles or cars since he is much more into those than boats.

Mommy's Favorite:
Dancing Feet! by Lindsey Craig

This was a cute book with creative illustrations.  It features a lot of fun sounds and gave the reader clues as to which animal was coming next.  It would probably be better for someone a bit older than Xander since he doesn't know what animal feet look like yet. 
I added an Amazon Store to the blog.  In it I included a shop for our favorite books and will be adding the books from the Best Books posts to it.  I hope having them in one place will make it easier when looking for book suggestions.

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  1. Boats A Float Looks really interesting. I'll have to see if our library has it available at the library. Thank you for sharing.


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