Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sick Baby & a Dancing Fool

Goodness gracious the last week was one of our toughest yet!  It is a long story, but Xander was very ill.  A double ear infection, a nasty virus, an allergy to a flavoring, and an antibiotic he couldn't keep down.  Luckily, he is doing much better.  We have a new antibiotic, that will hopefully work.  The virus is gone.  He is eating again.  Hopefully he begins sleeping for more than two hours at a time again.

In happier updates, my kid is a little dancer!  It started last week when I was holding his hands and he kept bobbing his hips up and down.  At first it looked like he just had really poor balance, but then I realized it was intentional.  He started doing that more and more often.  Maybe because whenever he is in his jumperoo, I play music for him so he associates music with bouncing?  Anyway, a couple of nights ago I took Brice out to eat since he has been helping me around the house lately.  We were sitting and chatting while Xander sat in the highchair.  Well he started bobbing up and down to the music and even got his head and shoulders into it!  It was so adorable I started laughing antwith him, which of course made him do it more.  We came home after and went straight to the computer to play some music.  That kid has rhythm!  He was bopping and swaying, shaking his head and shoulders to the beat. Of course, he stopped every time I tried to catch it on video.  I was shocked, because, really, he is only 7 months and he already has a feel for music and tempo?  I mean, we have been working on rhythm and pitch lately, but I didn't expect to see any "results".  He LOVES his percussion instruments, particularly the drum.  I can also entertain him for quite a while by clapping a rhythm for him.  I guess I will need to get a "real" instrument into his hands as soon as possible, and maybe some dance or tumbling classes.  I will keep trying to get a video.

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