Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gabby Xander

Xander wants to talk.  In fact, he does talk.  ALL the time.  I can't understand him, of course, but his tone is usually very very clear.  He jabbers when he is angry, when he just wants to complain, when he is playing contently, when he is excited, etc.

I have been having conversations with him since he was first born, and wonder if this has contributed.  The Doman books recommend talking to your infant, pausing to let them talk if they want, and then continuing the conversation.  You can definitely tell that Xander appreciates the attention.  I look forward to many many conversations with him.  I think once he starts talking in real words there will be no holding him back.  In fact, he has been watching the Preschool Prep Sight Words DVD lately.  It shows each word and says it about 10-15 times.  After the first few times the narrator says the word Xander tries his hardest to say it along with.  It is really cute.

Here is a short clip of his jabbering.  Unfortunately, the camera didn't pick it up well, so you have to turn the volume way up.  Oh, and a plastic spoon has become his new toy of choice.


  1. I couldnt get the clip to work- but that is adorable!!! How sweet!!! I cant wait to meet him!

  2. I reloaded it in a different format. Hopefully that helps!


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