Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Reading

In the last couple of weeks I think Xander may have made a breakthrough with reading.  I have been reading him some beginning reading books and tracing my finger underneath the words as I go.  He has started to really watch and pay attention to the words rather than just glancing at them with the rest of the picture.  Maybe it is because the things we have been reading have many more familiar words than our normal picture books or because the words are kept by themselves opposite the pictures.  Regardless, it sent me on the hunt for more beginning reading materials that meet my criteria.

Made sense to me.  It is only one of the many talking about teaching youngsters to read.  What surprises me is that with all the new articles about young children reading, I still get some negative reactions when I talk about reading with Xander.  I was holding him and looking for a particular type of book at the library yesterday.  I asked the librarian for short, simple books, with very large, easy to read type, and she gave me a strange look asking "for him?" When I said yes, for him, she looked at me like I was out of my mind and proceeded to tell me that they just don't have anything geared towards his age range so I just needed to try my luck with the board books or picture books.  Then she pointed me in the direction of the baby section.  I wouldn't say that I was offended, just surprised that a children's librarian, someone I would expect to be a big proponent of early reading, was so dismissive.  Oh well, maybe I will have better luck finding the books I am looking for at Borders.

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  1. People are skeptical of what they don't understand. I used to work in a library in college and the librarians were not very well trained. I'm sorry that happened! Look at him now, reading up a storm! To heck with the negative Nancys of the world!


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