Monday, June 27, 2011

Unexpected Milestone

In the last few days I have really noticed Xander blossoming and developing.  He is so curious and wants to learn and understand everything around him.  He doesn't want to miss a thing.  It has even started interrupting his meals, which if you have been following the posts, are the most important parts of his day!

Most outside people would think he is just unhappy, but when he sees something new or interesting he gets a very serious face, concentrating hard.   Today I was playing rhythms for him on the drum and he just stared and stared trying to understand the patterns.  In between patterns he would coo, babble, and squeal, showing his delight.  He also had a ball attempting to beat the drum himself (although, like I said, looks very serious in the video.  I also think it was cute that he kept looking to me for approval and would get a huge proud grin when I would give it.  Sorry I didn't catch that).  He later attempted eating the mallet, banging the drum with his hands, using the mallet in his left hand, and banging the drum from the bottom rather than the top.  Quite the little scientist.

Then tonight, Xander surprised me again.  He is not a giggly baby.  He sometimes giggles when you tickle him a lot, but mostly shows delight or amusement by letting out an almost inaudibly high squeal.  Anyway, tonight he was watching one of his videos.  They were teaching about the differences between quarter, half, and whole notes.  As an example they were saying chick for quarter notes, goat for half, and cow for whole.  So they say "chick, chick, chick, chick, gooooat, gooooat, coooooooooooooooooooooooooooow."  Well apparently that was funny to his baby brain because Xander laughed out loud.  I have seen him talk to the tv before, but never laugh.  For some reason it really struck me as a sign of his growing up.

I guess I haven't written about Xander's movements in a while.  He is getting close to crawling.  He goes in circles on his belly a lot.  He can also go backwards relatively long distances, albeit unintentionally.  His arms are strong, so I am guessing army crawling will be soon.  He also can flip himself from sitting to his tummy in a way that would make any adult wince in sympathetic pain.  However, Xander's preference is to be standing all day.  If he is sitting near me, he will grab my hands in his to pull himself upwards.  If he is crabby, standing calms him down.  He isn't great at stepping, but he is pretty good at bouncing up and down.  I am excited for him to learn to crawl and walk, but completely unprepared for it at the same time!

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  1. How adorable!!! He is super coordinated!!! I loved the video!!!

    I know what you mean about "serious" face. Carter was always the same way. It was NOT that Carter was unhappy, it was (and is) simply the face he makes when his gears are really working hard. We call it his "thinking face" lol.

    Anyway- super blog! I love the part about the giggles =)


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