Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Approach to Flash Cards

We have been doing flash cards together since Xander was about 3 months old.  We started with math cards as described in How to Teach Your Baby Math.  Then we added word cards.  We are currently doing three sets of five words each, three times a day.  We follow the rules of doing them FAST and joyfully while making eye contact.  Unfortunately, lately Xander has been losing focus.  There is so much else to see and do.  So many muscles to try to master.  I have tried putting in a plain setting with no toys around, but I can't get him away from the distraction of his feet (or hands, toes, lips, etc)..  Today I decided to try a different approach.  Instead of facing him, I set him in my lap.  I held the flash cards in front of him and went through them as quickly as I could. It worked!  He was much more focused and we were able to accomplish the flashcards more quickly and easily.  He even stayed focused through a much larger set of words from a category that we had "retired" a while back.  I am glad we found something that worked!

Today, this is how my little stinker wanted to play.  He isn't very good at it and falls often, but would complain until I set him back up on the couch.

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