Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today I decided to buy Xander some of those sturdy crayons to see how he would take to coloring.  I let him choose his color and we started out in the high chair.

Unfortunately the tray on the high chair was too high for him, he had trouble reaching the paper.  So we moved to the floor.  He was excited about having two crayons.  Wonder how he got the red on his mouth.

Notice the blue on my floor...
After a lot of blue and red on my floor, I took the crayons away.  So of course, Xander ate the paper.  Unfortunately coloring was not a huge success.  Oh well, we will keep trying.  I am thinking I need to get one of those big rolls of paper and sit him in the middle of it.  Then he can color all around him and I won't have to wash the floor!

Eating paper is fun too!

That's ok.  Xander was pretty content to play with some dishes.

What Mommy got accomplished while Xander played on the floor.

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