Thursday, February 29, 2024

Southern Asia Week 2 (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia)

This week in our Around the World Homeschool Curriculum was the second on Southern Asia. We mainly focused on Thailand, but also learned about Indonesia and Vietnam.


Of course, we still read our spines, but we also read lots of good picture books.



Beef Pho. My husband and I love it (although restaurant versions better than home versions). The kids weren't convinced.

Read Aloud:

For read aloud we read A Pack-n-Go Girls book, The Mystery of the Golden Temple. I think this has been the Pack-n-Go Girls book he has liked the best. We even finished early because he wanted me to keep reading. This series does a great job of blending facts into the story.


For art this week, we learned about Batik fabric from Indonesia. Rather than attempting to make our own fabric, we just used a white crayon and watercolors on white paper.


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