Friday, March 1, 2024

We recently wrapped our FINAL WEEK color themes!  We did rainbow colors. Since she knows all of her colors, you can see my tot school goals here.
I found this little rainbow tray at Michaels and added a bunch of pom poms. Both younger kids enjoyed it.
I got out more little math cube pattern cards. She did ok, but it wasn't her favorite activity.
I found some great rainbow foam at Michaels and cut a bunch of shapes. I let the kids spray the window with water to see how the shapes stuck.
 Sorting food was a big hit this week. She had it out many times. She also liked talking on the "bananaphone"

Putting the colored blocks in the houses. She still does better using these lying down rather than standing.

Rainbow on the light table. I made the one on the right.
Rainbow sensory bin. I didn't get a closeup, but the base was yellow rice with painted wooden balls and shaped pasta.
Watercolors with big brother. She kept saying "rainbow colors" while painting.
Playing a color/shapes gross motor game (DIY template here)
Color two part puzzles. She's good at matching them but struggles to get them together. She doesn't want to pick one up, but tries to just mash them together.
Color sorting dinos on the light table. She likes to put them in the little boxes.
Butterfly shape puzzle. This one is a little challenging, but she did better than I expected.
Not color related, but she got some gross motor practice with Feed the Woozle.
I got out all of our "color" and a lot of our rainbow books. She's starting to like more picture books, so I included a lot of those. Some she LOVED (Pete the Cat) and some she never wanted to read, which was totally fine.
The Day the Crayons Quit (one of big brother's favorites)
I Know a Wee Piggy
Colorful World board book
Chameleon Colors (would not recommend)

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