Friday, March 22, 2024

Tot School Easter Activities

Gotta love a fun theme! Juniper was about 21 months old for these activities.
Easter egg decorating on the light table. I just printed eggs on a blank transparency and gave her a bunch of pastel colored translucent manipulatives.
I recently introduced some little tray puzzles. The rabbit and bird felt perfect for Easter.
We tried a pattern block template for the first time! I set it up on our magnetic easel with magnetic pattern blocks and she did great!
Easter Roll and Cover Game. This was her second time doing a roll and cover, and she did much better than the first time! She's starting to get the idea of finding the number from the die, she just lost interest easily. Hat because she's a fashionista.
Pom pom sorting activity.
Easter egg skewers and a cheese container has been a huge hit for all three kids! (They're definitely done after this year, they're literally falling apart).
Easter egg sound sorting. I put some jingle bells in half of the eggs and had her sort them into "sound" and "no sound." She did ok with the sorting, but mostly preferred shaking and opening them.
Easter play dough was a pretty simple set up. I just set out our themed cookie cutters and our little Play Doh set and she played with it almost every day.
I found these little chicks and nests at Hobby Lobby, so we did a quick sorting activity. She loved it and loved the chicks, but the chicks are not surviving play very well.

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