Monday, March 11, 2024

Tot School St Patrick's Day

Gotta love a theme! This week we did some St. Patrick's Day activities with Juniper, who was 20 months.

I got out several St. Patrick's Day books, but Happy St. Patrick's Day From the Crayons was really the only one she liked. However, we had to read it again and again.
Shamrock pattern matching. She did a few and got bored.

St Patrick's Shape Tracing (print here). This was the first time I introduced tracing shapes, so she definitely needed my help. Of course, she then wanted to do it on her own. (We used dry erase crayons on a dry erase center. We've had it since my oldest and it is much easier than the sleeves at this age.)
Afterwards, we did some line tracing with her bunny (print here). I should have done this before the shapes, but I had lost our old copy and had forgotten to print it.
Rainbow colored balance pods and activity rings were a huge hit! We did some matching, she did some balancing and both younger kids did lots of playing.
Pattern cards with wooden dominoes.You can print the pattern cards here.
I even wrote words on dry erase cards and she put those in the correct rings.
Pulling jumbo pickup sticks out of a basket.
We tried this cute Roll and Cover printable from Totschooling. She did not fully "get" the idea of rolling the die and then matching the number. She did a few and then lost interest. We will try again next year.

Playdough setup was just a dray with some cookie cutters, some shamrock buttons, gold gems and gold coins.
I printed a shamrock onto a blank transparency and gave her a bunch of green translucent manipulatives.
I let her use some chunky brushes to paint a bunch of green onto big paper. Then I cut it out into shamrocks. She seems to love painting.
To work on quantities, I set out this matching activity. I had planned on using gold gems, she decided to use pink magnets instead.
St Patrick's Day Sensory bin had various colors of green rice and pasta, gold gems, gold coins and little mini cauldrons.


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