Thursday, March 7, 2024

Middle East Week

 This week in our Around the World Homeschool Curriculum we did the Asian side of the Middle East



He looked at his Learning Globe


This week we tried Mujadara from his Global Feast Cookbook. Everyone liked it.

Read Aloud:

We started the Turtle of Oman, but had to finish next week because it was a little long. It is about a little boy who has to move to the United States and has a lot of feelings about it. While I think relating to the emotions is good for kids, it did kind of end up feeling a little drawn out and repetitive. A lot of the silly and mindful talk from the grandpa, while pretty for me, was way over my 5.5 year old's head.


This week we did some Middle East inspired Geometric Tile Art from Babble Dabble Do.


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