Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Tot School Winter Theme

 We took a short break from our color themes to do some winter related activities for Tot School this week. Juniper is still pretty young, so we kept it pretty simple.

Indoor snowballs with her little shovel. I put these in my kids' stockings years ago and they still get SO much use, year round.
Snowflake stickers
Cotton ball snowman transfer. She tried hard to use the little tweezers, but ended up just using her fingers. This is one she did multiple times throughout the week.
Simple sensory bin of Epsom salt, colorful gems, acrylic snowflakes and some glass gems.
Instant Snow and a penguin toob made for some messy cold day fun. A little bit goes a long way!
I got out our snowman playdough set. Both younger kids (and my husband) had fun with it. Juniper just elected to make purple snowmen.
Winter dot magnet activity. This was the first time she's really done a dot magnet page and she seemed to like it. It's a nice vertical fine motor activity.
I put a bunch of clear, blue and purple manipulatives in a container and printed some snowflake outlines onto transparency paper. Both kids had a great time playing with them on the light table.
Mitten pattern matching. This was her first time matching patterns and she did great! Definitely something we will have to do again with other themes.
Winter word vocabulary matching cards. This was the first time I gave Juniper more than 6 words at a time and she did pretty well. She probably got about 2/3s of them. The only problem was she wanted every card to be the "snow globe" and would say it first, even when she knew what the word really said!
Some of the winter books we read. These are the more interactive ones I included in a blog post.
These were the winter related early readers I had out. Apparently, the was the week for early readers because we had to read them a LOT! (Sets include Nonfiction Sight Word Readers Parent Pack Level B and Level D, Meet the Sight Words Level 3, First Little Readers Level D, and Animal Antics Readers.
Finally, another winter book that got read many many times this week was Daniel Tiger's Snowflake Day!


  1. The indoor snowballs look like tons of fun! I also like the magnetic dot activity. I may try that with Zoey!

    1. Even my teenager likes those snowballs! They also seem to come out every time my brother or father in law are over. :)


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