Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Valentine's Day Theme Tot School

 These are our Valentine's Day Tot School activities. Juniper was 19 months at the time.

We did lots of light table play. I cut hearts out of these colored filter sheets. I also cut some hearts and circles out of black construction paper and laminated them.
We got out this adorable book, My Heart is Like a Zoo, for inspiration. All the animals in the book are made from different sized hearts.
Then I added a bunch of gems and valentine's scatter.
Valentine's play dough kit. I used paper straws, heart boxes, cookie cutters, a heart stamp, acrylic flowers and chocolate, mini fake roses and some valentine's scatter. Both younger kids used it several times.
Big brother's creation.
She played with these little felt envelopes I made for Xander when he was a baby.
I got out this flower puzzle, but it was way too advanced for her. She enjoyed taking all the pieces out and talking about the flowers, though.
Flower matching cards and flower toob. She could read most of the words, but had some trouble matching. To be fair, a lot of flowers look alike. She liked adding in the toys, though.
Flower and heart paper punches. She LOVED the idea of this activity, but definitely needed some help. She wanted to just put the whole punch onto the paper.
Heart sticks and a shaker fine motor activity (both from Dollar Tree). She had fun both putting them in and taking them out.
Valentine's Day sensory bin. I had pink rice and pearl barley with purple shaped pasta. Somehow the bin always ends up dumped, thank goodness for our messy mat.
Playing with her building flowers
Do a Dot Markers on a heart.
And of course, no theme would be complete without books!
Where is Love Biscuit? (not my fav, but she loves it)

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