Friday, February 9, 2024

China and Mongolia Week

This week in our  Around the World Homeschool journey we traveled to China and Mongolia


Of course, we still read our spines, but there were also so many good picture books this week! 
Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao (Archer loves all of these and wants to read the 4th)
Shanghai page from See Inside Great Cities
Ok, so I wanted to include this book, Chinese Menu: The History, Myths, and Legends Behind Your Favorite Foods, even though Archer didn't read it. It is a super interesting book that tells the story of various Chinese dishes (not recipes). I think if we had longer than a week or if Archer were a little older than 5, it would have been a perfect addition! We might yet come back to it if we study ancient Asian cultures in the future.



We tend to eat a lot of Asian food so have Bao, Hong Kong Noodles, Beef and Broccoli and Beef Pan Fried Noodles on a semi-regular basis, so I wanted to try something new and different. We ended up trying Cantonese Ground Beef Rice and Eggs. Everyone in the family liked it, but we do have a pretty similar Thai recipe that we like just a little bit better, so it probably won't make regular rotation.

Read Aloud:

This week I read The Year of the Dog out loud. We thought it was cute. Archer liked that it was low stress. Last year we read Greetings from Somewhere the Mystery of the Forbidden City together. This week he read it himself.


We made some paper lanterns from (Babble Dabble Do). He enjoyed using washi tape to decorate it.


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