Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tot School Goals

Now that we are done with our Color Themes, we are going to head into learning about Shapes!  My plan is to focus on one new shape every week or so, sometimes using a theme to go along with it.  My goal is not really mastery of the shape or information about the theme.  Instead, those are just useful organizing tools to shape our Tot School time.  My real goals are a bit more broad, and I thought it might be helpful to actually write out our goals(for myself more than anything).  Here goes!

#1  Develop a Love of Learning
First and foremost I want our Tot Time to be fun!  I hope to cultivate a love of learning in my little guy.  I don’t want him to equate learning with boring drills and tedious tasks.  I try to make everything we do enjoyable, and if he really isn’t feeling it, we stop or change it.
#2  Develop a Love of Reading & Familiarity with Words
I think one of the most important skills Xander will ever learn in his entire life it reading.  It unlocks the door to everything else!  I have been trying to show him that reading is just a part of life.  I started reading to him before he was born, and haven’t stopped.  I have books on a low shelf in every room of the house that he spends any time in.  “Book” was one of his first words.  I hope that he becomes very proficient and loves it for the rest of his life.  Furthermore, I see things like Montessori 3 Part Cards and mini books as ways to expand upon his vocabulary and familiarity with words.
#3  Develop Fine Motor Skills
I believe a huge part of a toddler’s job is to develop motor skills.  We cover large motor skills enough in our regular play, that I really want to focus on fine motor skills during Tot Time.  Within these, I hope to work on his pre-writing skills.
Some secondary things I want to work on:

I attempt to have at least a few minutes of designated “Tot Time” every day.  That being said, I am a single mother of a toddler as well as a full-time commuting student working on a masters.  Some days, it just doesn’t happen.  Life goes on.

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