Monday, April 2, 2012

Color Themes - Multicolored

Xander is 16.5 Months

As a final wrap up to our Color Themes, we did a week of multicolored things. 

As usual, we replaced a Tot Tray with a bin of colored objects.  This week's was mostly colored wooden balls, spools, porcupine balls, cars, and dominos.  Of course he had fun dumping it on his head.

We did lots of coloring this week!  We tried out some new triangluar crayons.  I was really happy with them, not so much for the triangular design, but because they seemed to take less pressure to color.  He didn't have to push down as hard while trying to move across the page.  I also picked up some Crayola Dry Erase Crayons (Staples had 50% off Crayola) that we used on his Dry Erase Activity Center.  Once again, I was really happy with them!  They do take a bit more effort to wipe off than markers, but I love that it is instantly dry.  Most importantly, if Xander accidentally drops them (still working on fine motor control here!), they do not leave any stray marks on his clothes or carpet.  We had a brand new sweatshirt ruined with a dropped dry erase marker, so these crayons might be here to stay!

Last week I showed Xander 3 Part Cards for the first time, and he loved it so much, we did it again this week.  I made cards with multicolored objects and put them in the pocket chart.  Once again, he loved it, wanting to do the activity multiple times a day.  Monday, he absolutely floored me.  I had showed him the cards Sunday, and he was wanting to do them again.  Once I had shown him each card, pointing out the word and the picture, he got really antsy wanting me to quiz him.  I figured it was too early in the week, since these were not words he was familiar with, but humored him.  To my shock, he got them all right, twice in a row.

If you think your little one would enjoy this activity, you can download my Multicolored 3 Part Cards here.

Of course, we also did some of our regular Tot School activities.  We read a ton of books, watched our Your Child Can Read DVDs, and did our Little Reader  and Little Math.  We read our Your Baby Can Discover books, watched Trebellina and practiced pitch on the piano.

As I said earlier, the first tray was replaced by the bin of colored objects.  His second tray had his Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups.  He had a great time stacking them and turning them over to put the things from his color bin into.

(For one of his trays I always try to do a puzzle.  Xander is not actually ready to do puzzles on his own, but loves to do them with me.  We will slowly transition into him doing them without help).  This we did a new kind of puzzle.  I found him a Magnetic Fishing Puzzle.  He was horrible at putting the pieces back, but had a blast fishing for them!  We did it every single day.

For his last tray I made a little parking page and laminated it.  I set it up for some plastic motorcycles I found him at the dollar store.  He really didn't get the idea of matching them up, but had fun doing it with my help.  Mostly he liked making the "vroom vroom" noises.

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  1. I love the parking garage idea!

    Btw, your blog is great! One of my favorite tot school blogs! I've gotten so many great ideas.

    1. Thank you so much! It is great to know that someone gets something out of my blog! Good luck to you and your little one.

  2. I love all your ideas! I've done two weeks of Tot School with my daughter and she loves it! Your blog is one of few that I have found that I love all your ideas. Thanks for sharing everything. I will make sure to share your blog with my readers :)


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