Thursday, November 30, 2023

Tot School Yellow Week

    We recently wrapped out our yellow week of our color themes.  As with the boys, my goal is not for her to learn her colors. You can see my tot school goals here.

Juniper was 17 months
18 month tot school
Juniper's little area on our wall. I put up her color poster was free from Isla Hearts Teaching on TPT. I put out some yellow themed books and sight words for her, although she wasn't really interested this week. 
I'm introducing her to Montessori 3 Part Vocabulary Cards with some color cards. She's not ready to do them independently, but I'm modeling for her and eventually she'll get it. She does like trying to help put the word card on the picture. Sometimes she does it correctly, sometimes she doesn't, and sometimes she knocks all the cards on the floor.
Lots of playdough this week! I got out the little bee playdough kit I made for Archer a couple of years ago. She really seemed to like stamping with her insect rollers.
Working on a puzzle. She really seems to like the sound puzzles.
Attempting to split her cutting apple with a fork.
Peekaboo with her playsilk.
Yellow sensory bin
18 month tot school
Yellow toy son the light table. She enjoys putting the cubes in her wooden house.
Playing around outside with shapes.

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