Thursday, November 9, 2023

Ecuador, Galápagos and South American Wrap Up

   This week we did our last stop in South America as part of our Around the World Homeschool Units. We mostly focused on Ecuador and the Galápagos, but also read some stories about other countries we had not covered yet. 


A Thousand White Butterflies (Immigrant from Colombia)
Galapagos Penguin vs Emperor Penguin 
Ada's Violin (Paraguay)
How to Hear the Universe (Immigrant from Argentina. Oops, wrong week)
Mango, Abuela and Me (Spanish speaking immigrant)
A Visit to Ecuador
Digging for Words (Colombia)
Because we studied the Galápagos, we focused on evolution for science this week. I actually have more evolution books for kids (see this post), but these are what I chose to go with for his current level.

Reading about various South American Flags in his Flag Book


Nuts About Mutts (little walker rules). This week the game didn't relate, but Archer really enjoyed it.


A couple of bouts of stomach flu in the house made the recipe almost not happen, but we eventually got it made! This week we chose Tigrillo, a breakfast from Ecuador. Xander, my husband and I all really liked it. Archer did not.

Read Aloud:

Ok, so Juana and Lucas was supposed to be our read aloud, but Archer got ahold of it and read it himself this week. He really enjoyed it, so I didn't have the heart to stop him. He actually asked me to get more of these books from the library.


Because we read a lot of about the Galapagos, this week's art project was a water color resist iguana. You can't really see the resist well in the picture, but there is some there. I probably should specified that he needed to make a lot more designs with the white crayon, he was just anxious to start painting!


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