Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Northern Europe Week

This week as we continue our Around the World Homeschool Units, we did Northern Europe, so Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. We tried to read a little about each country, mostly in our Spines, but then also focused on the Northern Lights. Since we were leading into Thanksgiving and I had to be out of town for a day, it was a lighter week.


Here is what we read in addition to our spines


I didn't catch a picture, but we do use our learning globe every week.


I had happened to make a trip to IKEA this week, so I brought back some Swedish meatballs, jam and soda to try. Everyone but Archer liked the meatballs.
We also made Icelandic Plokkfiskur, which is a fish stew. I didn't really expect the kids to like it, but they all did. We decided it will be a recipe we keep.

Read Aloud:

This week we read The Children of Noisy Village. It is a story about children living on a farm in Sweden. While a lot of the story is universal issues like sibling rivalry, I will say the story is a bit dated. On the one hand, it was a good glimpse into how children lived, but I also did have to change a few words and terms now and then.


Since we were focusing on the northern lights, Archer used some chalk pastels to make a landscape. He drew some mountains in white and then used cotton balls to blur some streaks of color in the background.



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