Friday, September 25, 2020

Fall Preschool Week

 This week we took a break from our regular letter themed preschool activities to spend some time on fall activities. Unfortunately, a lot of what we did was read fall books (many many more than pictured) and that doesn't exactly photograph well or lend itself to posting. I posted what I could.

Desk area set up. His little shelf had a bunch of fall books and I hung some artwork above.
Fall theme shape "leaves" stamping trees for Preschool
Shape Trees to use with his stamps (free to print here)
Fall stampers and a tree outline.
I got out our fall sight words from last year and scattered them around the floor. We took turns picking them up, saying the word and running them to a basket. (free to print here)
Fall tractor sensory play with apples, pumpkins and leaves
Cloud dough (shaving cream and cornstarch) play
Fall tractor sensory play with apples, pumpkins and leaves
Fall sensory bin of bird seed, leaves, pumpkins, apples and sticks.
Oobleck play with a tractor, pumpkins and apples.
Similar sensory bin with oatmeal. He played with his animals in it.
We made some birdseed ornaments together.

Pumpkin pie playdough invitation to play
Pumpkin spice play dough with leaves, apples, pumpkins, apples and cookie cutters. He also used his little squirrel to make tracks all through the dough.
Playroom shelves this week. I used Magna-Tiles to make apples. I also put out a turkey, fox, squirrel and bear out.

Shelves on the left had Acorn Soup, Pom Pom "bushes," color sorting food, bead tree, a puzzle, apple tree roll and cover, disk sorting, a wooden plane set and a basket of cars.
Mommy fail: I had this cute idea to make apple trees with toilet paper tubes, pom poms and Velcro dots. When I tested it, the pom pom stuck to the Velcro. Fast forward to setting it up and the pom poms kept falling off! I guess I didn't test well enough, oops.
So as not to waste the materials, we now have apple "bushes?" With a one to one correspondence activity.
Fall leaves pipe cleaner fine motor activity
Pipe cleaner tree with pony beads.

Shape matching (free from Totschooling)
Fall vocabulary cards (free to print here). We hadn't really looked at these since last year, so I was glad he still knew all the words.

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