Friday, September 4, 2020

Letter C - Camel Week

  These are our homeschool preschool activities for the Letter C and Camels week. Archer was 27 months. You can see our full "curriculum" post here, but we will only use some activities each week. The majority of his time is still unstructured play.

This was his desk setup. I hung some bulletin board letters, a sign language card (from And Next Comes L) and his art from the week. The shelf had a letter construction capital and lowercase letters, a peg letter, an Alphabet Readers, a Meet the Phonics Letter Readers and a wooden train letter.

This is his "Preschool Basket," for lack of a better term. It has his magnetic tracing board, his Brain Games activity book (we just talk through together), My First Brain Quest (the goal is vocabulary practice, went better this week), dry erase tracing cards, sandpaper letters and lots of books. 

I'm trying to include readers to read together, but also books about the week's letter or animal. an Animal Antics Reader, a First Little Readers book, a blends book, a digraph book, a non-fiction sight words book and a book I made about camels (free here).  We also got How the Camel got his Hump and Camels Weekly Reader from the library

This was his shelf set up in the playroom. I used Magnatiles to make a C on his white board and added some magnetic letters. On top I have his Alphabet Soup Can and his preschool basket.

Shelves on the left have some nuts and bolts, Duplo pattern cards, a SpinAgain, and some cars and stacking garages. Shelves on the right had a wooden puzzle, Koala Capers, a pretend pizza set, a build a truck set, magnetic pattern blocks and a basket of cars .

Duplo pattern cards (from All Our Days)

Pattern Block Letter (from Confessions of a Homeschooler) - He has been magnetic pattern blocks on our magnetic easel. He did it mostly himself, with some repositioning help from me.

Cut and Paste Phonics Hunt, so I cut the pictures into strips for us to cut apart together. This week he wanted to glue himself.

Tracing lines (free to print here). He also seems to really like his tracing cards. Maybe because they're so simple, only one thing per card?

Alphabet sensory bin. I had a Toob camel, cookie cutters, lacing letters, a wooden letter and a fish letter. He also got in there with some construction vehicles.

For play dough used cookie cutters and a letter stamper (similar to these). Contrary to last week, this week he liked play dough stamping (free to print here). 

Dot magnet page on his little easel (free to print here).

Dot Art. We started out with shape stamps and ended with stickers.

Letter maze (free to print here). This week he did better about connecting the letters.

Letter construction C (From Tired Need Sleep)

Camel bottle cap page (free to print here)

Matching camels and shape names (free to print here)

"Snow" painting a camel. You mix equal-ish parts shaving foam and glue, then add it a bit of paint for color. It makes a sticky, puffy paint.

Painting a C.

Alphabet coloring book. Now he mostly goes through and traces all the letters.

C puzzles. If i just leave these out, he will come over and do them.

 Magnetic pattern block camel on our magnetic easel

Size sorting

Printable puzzles


Trying to mix it up, I did not make number tile cards this week. Archer kept asking for them, so we put the numbers in order instead. I will have them for D!

Building some trucks.
Lots of cards and garages play this week.

Color mixing

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