Wednesday, July 1, 2020

4th of July Tot School Activities

Archer was 25 Months

Since the 4th of July is this weekend (how did that happen already??) I decided to post our activities a before we've actually finished them. That way, if anyone else still needs some ideas they have them.
This was Archer's book shelf. It had a 4th of July book I made and some other related books.

Play dough included, some star fondant cutters, design rollers, dough letters U, S and A (similar to these), a star extruder and some cut up bead necklaces.
I made this letter stamping page for him (free here) and got our our See and Stamps.
These were the shelves for the week. On top I had a pasta drying rack and some US Toob figures. Shelves on the left have 4th of July Vocabulary Cards, number cards, pom pom tweezing and a pom pom magnet activity. Shelves on the right have two part puzzles, spool threading, cookie cutters, math cubes, bottle cap letter cards and a bin of vehicles.
Number tile cards (free here) have been a really big hit so far. I use plastic number tiles, but you could print some too. For the cards with more objects, I have to point while he counts so he doesn't accidentally re-count things. Other than that, he does great.
Pom poms, tweezers and an ice cube tray. This is the first time I've had out a one to one correspondence activity where he actually uses the tweezers/tongs the whole time. He's gotten it out multiple times already this week (and I've cleaned pom poms up from the playroom floor multiple times already).
Flag page from Making Learning Fun. I have pom poms on dot magnets. I plan to use it on our little magnetic easel.
Matching puzzles for my letter obsessed little guy.
Craft spools and a pipe cleaner for threading.
This tray just has a bunch of star shaped cookie cutters to hang on the pasta drying rack.
Red, white and blue math cubes. I made a pattern for him to try to match, but he will probably spend the week just building with them. 
Bottle cap letter cards (free here) . I use bottle caps that I wrote on with a Sharpie, but you could use other letters as well.

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