Monday, July 20, 2020

Tot School Star Activities

Archer was 25 Months
We have been working on Shape Themes in Tot School. You can see the Shape Themes "Curriculum" post here. This week was star.
This is what Archer's desk area looked like. The shelf included a Non-Fiction Sight Words book, a Meet the Sight Words book, an alphabet book, and a blends reader. I also had some books about the stars and hung up some artwork.
Dot art  on his easel(Free to print here).
Shape tracing page that we use with dry erase crayons (Free to print here). He definitely couldn't do the stars on his own.
Do a dot markers on his color page. (Free to print here)
Star fondant cutters, a star stamp and an extruder for play dough. We also got out some design rollers and some little star beads.

Playroom shelves include both theme related tot school activities and other toys, usually open ended. The goal is to work on things like fine motor skills, visual spacial skills, math and literacy (and keep him entertained). I have been trying to also include one of our toddler games, to get him more used to playing games with us.

The shelves on the left had a lacing alphabet, a container with glow in the dark stars, a SpinAgain and letter construction set. The right shelf had alphabet puzzles, a star paper punch, star cookie cutters for the pasta drying rack, some star ice cube trays with balls, magnetic gears and a basket of cards with the highway shape (from Making Learning Fun).
Lacing alphabet. This is always a HUGE hit.
Letter construction set. This picture is misleading, because the pieces were NEVER in the basket. They were always all over the playroom floor.
Star punch and paper
Star cookie cutters with colored wooden balls. I had ideas of making patterns together with these. Instead, he tossed them around.
Gears on his easel. So much easier than having them all on the kitchen floor.

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