Monday, April 13, 2020

Tot School Circle Week

Archer was 22 Months
We have officially started our Shape Themes in Tot School. I decided to go with circle first. You can see the Shape Themes "Curriculum" post here.
This is what Archer's deak area looked like. The posters are from The Learning Effect. The shelf included a couple Non-Fiction Sight Words books, a Meet the Sight Words book, a blends book and an Amazing Animals Reader. I also had the Wild Animal Babies and Parts of Geometric Solids books I made. His artwork from the week is hanging as well.
Play dough included some cookie and fondant cutters, a polka dot design roller (Lakeshore Learning), and a "spaghetti" extruder.
Using a circle stamp and painting.
Fruit Loop sensory bin. Definitely, not my best sensory bin idea. A little color sorting happened. More snacking did, especially, since he'd never had sugar cereal before.
Coloring some circles. (Free to print here).
Circle tracing, mostly with Mommy's help. (Free to print here). We also did some dot art, I just forgot to get pictures.
Stringing pony beads on pipe cleaners.
Magnetic bingo chips on the light table.
I made circles out of his train tracks.
Playroom shelves include both theme related tot school activities and other toys, usually open ended. The goal is to work on things like fine motor skills, visual spacial skills, math and literacy (and keep him entertained). I have been trying to also include one of our toddler games, to get him more used to playing games with us.

This week's shelves included the game Monkey Around and a pasta drying rack with some painted wooden rings. The left shelves had wild animal baby vocabulary cards, 2D & 3D circle shapes, a paper punch with paper, activity rings, stepping domes and a stacking toy. The right shelves had three part puzzles, a tambourine, a circle puzzle, a velcro block, spools, and basket of vehicles with his oval "road" (from Making Learning Fun).
Pasta drying rack with some wooden rings I painted.
Opaque and translucent circle shapes.
Circle paper punch.
Activity rings got used a LOT this week. He likes hanging them from door knobs.
Working on his rainbow puzzle.
Trying to hold all of the while spools at once. We also practiced stacking them.
Some intense reading.
He's been loving his math app.

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