Friday, April 3, 2020

Easter Tot School Activities

Here are some of the Easter related tot school activities we have been doing.
I put Easter books on his shelf and hung some of his artwork.
Painting with funky brushes. I then cut out the paper into egg shapes.
Easter playdough. I had some cookie cutters and then used our design rollers (meant for paint) for textures.
Easter roll and graph activity (free here).
Easter tracing page
Easter Tot School Shelves
This week's shelves contained Where's Bear game on the top, as well as some egg decorations with a cheese container. Shelves on the left had some egg matching cards, Lalabloom, egg sound sorting and a roll and cover game. On the right were vocabulary cards, two part puzzles, a letter sound matching activity, pattern block templates, the Daniel Tiger Trolley game and his vehicles.
Lalabloom pieces
Egg sound sorting. I put a bunch of pony beads in half the eggs and taped them closed. Of course, Archer thought throwing the eggs til they cracked and leaked the pony beads was the best part of the activity.
Archer has really been into roll and cover games, so I made him this one. I set it up with some ccolored gems.
Easter Vocabulary Cards. Lately, he's liked matching vocabulary cards in his table top pocket chart.
Beginning Letter Sounds Activity from This was definitely the biggest hit! I didn't get out all the cards at once, but he loved making the letter sounds and finding the right one!
Magnetic pattern blocks, a marker board and some pattern cards. He really only had the patience to make the bunny, then he just wanted to make his own patterns. 
We got out the trolley game I made a couple of weeks ago.
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