Friday, March 20, 2020

Printable Daniel Tiger Trolley Game

Lately, Archer has become a bit obsessed with Daniel Tiger. We watch the show, we listen to the songs, we read the books. I decided to try to use that interest to come up with activities for him and this quick game was the first thing to come out of it.
I made two version of the game, one for matching shapes and one for counting. To play, your little one picks a friend and then rolls the die. Then they try to find the trolley that that matches what’s on the die and put their friend on it. The star means they can pick any trolley. Keep going until all the of the neighborhood friends are on a trolley.
The neighborhood friends are printable, as are the dice. However, we will probably also occasionally with our Daniel Tiger figurines. Since Archer tends to be a little rough with things, I also made the dice out of wooden blocks and a Sharpie.

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