Friday, March 27, 2020

Farm Theme Tot School

We are now done with color themes and will be moving on to shapes soon. In between, I decided to take a week to do a Farm Theme (mostly because we have so many books and toys that fit it). Archer is 22 months.
The little shelf by his desk had several farm books, including the Farm Babies printable book I made a while back. I also hung a page he colored.
Reading his "tractor book" (Tremendous Tractors).
Here were the week's shelves. On top was My First Orchard and a bucket of Farm Toob animals. The shelves on the left had farm babies vocabulary cards, wooden farm magnets, a musical farm matching toy, farm animal counters, and a hide and seek board. The shelves on the right had animal 3 part puzzles, bottle cap letter farm cards, a magnetic tracing board, wedgits, farm blocks and his basket of vehicles.
I threw some oats in a bin and let him burry his Toob animals in it. Super easy but still occupied him!
I accidentally deleted the video I had of Archer matching these this week (oops). You can print the Farm Babies vocabulary cards here.
Farm magnets
Color matching barn 
Farm counters and number cards.
Farm Animal Bottle Cap Cards (free to print here).

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