Monday, March 16, 2020

St. Patrick's Day Tot School Activities

Here are the activities we did for St. Patrick's Day Tot School Week. Archer was 21 months old.

His shelf had some St. Patrick's Day books. I hung up his artwork for the week.
For some cutting practice, I gave him some green strips of paper and let him use his training scissors. He still definitely needs help, but it getting better! Then we used a glue stick to glue the pieces onto a cardstock shamrock.
I made some bright green playdough and gave him his shamrock cookie cutter. He requested his shape cutters as well.
Easy sensory bin with some green lentils, mini cauldrons (Oriental Trading) and gold coins (craft store). I hid the coins under the beans and he had fun finding them.
Shamrock pattern matching. You can print yours free here. There is also a tracing page attached to it.
Archer isn't really ready to trace yet, but I let him color on this page from my St Patrick's Day Pack (free to print)
Tot School shelves for the week. The top of the had his wooden rainbow and the Honey Bee Tree game. The shelves had an egg carton color matching activity, his geometric solids, some garages and keys, a shape sorter, two part puzzles, a roll and cover game, crystal builders, pattern blocks, a latch board and his vehicles. 
Saying "no beees!" while playing Honey Bee Tree
I used some painted wooden balls and then painted the other side of the egg carton with corresponding colors. Archer really enjoyed putting the balls in the correct places, and got it down frequently. Sometimes, we would put all the balls in the wrong spots and he would fix them.
Geometric solids were a big hit. He would line them up, stack them and carry them around.
I found this cute Roll and Cover printable from Totschooling. Archer really enjoyed it, although, he often set the die down on the number he wanted rather than actually rolling it.

2 part puzzles

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