Friday, March 13, 2020

Multicolored Tot School Week

Archer is 21 months

Archer was very sick during this week, so I did not get very many action shots. We also did much less structured activity than normal. I kind of just went with what he felt up to doing.

In August I posted our Color Themes Goals. Those are what I had in mind while we started Tot School this week, not actually learning the color.
His little shelf had a few books.  I got out two of his Non-Fiction Sight Words books and one of his Meet the Phonics books.  I also hung up some of his "artwork."
Playroom shelves this week.  The goal of the toys is to entertain him and give him some fine motor practice.  Things like building, sorting and puzzles also provide some spacial awareness (math and even physics). 

On top of the shelf we had his Trucks Color Matchup game. Then I had some domino pattern cards, a wooden peg puzzle and his sorting food. On the right were his felt shapes with a giant die, his gears caterpillar, two part puzzles, wooden rainbow, a button snake, some colored rings and balance pods, and his basket of vehicles.
This kid loves all things trucks! Here he is playing the Trucks Color MatchUp Game with Daddy.
Pattern cards with wooden dominoes.You can print the pattern cards here.
Hanging out in a big mess and playing with his sorting food.
Playing his color/shapes gross motor game (DIY template here)

Gear caterpillar (upside down, oops)

2 Part Puzzles with colors

Wooden rainbow

Button snake with yellow shapes

Balance pods and colored rings for gross motor play.
With Archer being sick, we did way more screen time than normal. This Math 3-5 game was a big hit.

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