Friday, October 11, 2019

Fall Tot School Activities

Hooray for fall! Since my brother was in town visiting, we spent the last two weeks on fall activities.  It let us take a very relaxed pace without worrying about fitting things into one week.
His little shelf had several fall books. Some he was interested in, others he wasn't. I figure they'll get more use next year. Right now, he still prefers books with photographs.
He spent some more time working on his Fall Sight Words. He seems to like it when I set out 6-8 of them and have him find certain words.  If I do too many, he has trouble finding things and gets frustrated.

Fall play dough. I used some fall cookie cutters, some acrylic leaves, apples and pumpkins (vase fill) and a few tools.
For a couple of weeks I showed Archer the fall words lesson on Little Reader (aff link), after we did our regular curriculum. I had these 3 part cards I made for Xander, to go with the lesson, so I figured I'd get them out and see what happened (Xander was a bit older when I did LR lessons and 3 Part Cards with him).  Archer got almost all of them correct and he really enjoyed it! He struggled a bit with the pocket chart, so next time we'll do it on the ground or a desk. I guess I'll have to start making more word lessons/cards for him!
Fall sensory bin with popcorn kernels.  I threw in some more apples, leaves and pumpkins, plus some little metal containers.  After a while, we threw in his rainbow wheel as well. He got such a kick out of picking up the kernels and then watching them flow out of his fingers!
We really haven't done too much sorting yet, so I wasn't sure how this would go.  I got him a little container of leaves and apples, with a little card that had them both marked.  He did pretty well with sorting, until he got too excited and tried to put them all on at once. I love seeing my little guy focus so intently on things that interest him!
I found this cute little pumpkin shape printable from Totschooling. It was one of Archer's favorite activities, and he wanted to do it several times.
We did lots of playing toys.  Here are a couple of pics I snapped.

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