Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Cauldron Matching

With Halloween approaching, I was looking for themed activities to do with Archer.  I ended up making him these printables to practice matching his colors and his shapes. For both sets, I left the cauldron page intact and put it in a dry erase sleeve.  I cut up the manipulatives and laminated them. If your little one isn't reading, you could easily read the words for them and have them find the correct candy/pumpkin.

Color Matching Cauldrons
This one has candy in different colors to match to the cauldrons.

Shape Matching Cauldrons
This one has pumpkins with different shapes on them to match to the cauldrons. 

Here's a video of my little guy the first time I showed him the pumpkins.  We definitely go at his pace and only for as long as he is interested.

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