Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Elementary Economics Book Club

UPDATE: I originally planned to do out Elementary Economics Book Club when Xander was in 4th grade. It mostly didn't happen. Instead, I am doing it for the 5th grade school year.

Xander has been very interested in Economics. He received the Tuttle Twins series by Connor Boyack for Christmas a couple of years ago. It's a great set of books that focus on economics in an approachable, easy way.  He's read all of the books multiple times, but I decided to do a "Book Club" with him, to make sure he was understanding the take home messages from the books.

Fate of the Future Discussion Questions
BookDiscussion Questions
    The Law Discussion Questions
          Miraculous Pencil Discussion Questions
    Creature from Jekyll Island Questions
   Food Truck Fiasco Discussion Questions
Road to Surfdom Discussion Questions
Golden Rule Discussion Questions
Search for Atlas Discussion Questions
Spectacular Show Business Discussion Questions
Fate of the Future Discussion Questions
Education Vacation Discussion Questions

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