Friday, August 2, 2019

Games for Brains: King of Tokyo

Playing Time: 30 min
Players: 2-6
We got this game when we were looking for games that we could also play with more people. There are a bunch of monsters that are all battling for control of Tokyo. We have the original version, so our monsters are slightly different than the newer version of the game. You can win two ways, by hurting eliminating all the other monsters or by getting enough stars to end the game. It has big dice, which you get to reroll a couple of times (Yahtzee style) to use for your turn.  You have to pick whether you want to restore  your health, attack the other monsters, gain energy or gain stars. There are also some cards you can purchase to help you along the way. The game is easy enough, that we've been playing it since Xander was about 6.

Note: We do not yet have the Power Up Expansion that gives each monster its own unique abilities, but it is on Xander's wish list.

Brain Value:
Since you roll and reroll your dice to determine what you can do each turn, there's definitely some strategy and probability to the game.  You have to balance building your own health, taking down the other players and gaining stars. Xander sometimes focuses so much on attacking other players, that he neglects his own stars or forgets to see if anyone else is getting close to winning in stars.  Other than that, this is not our most "brain" heavy game, but still a fun way to spend some family time together, even if we're monsters attacking each other.  Xander liked this game enough that we bought it for some of our cousins.

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