Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Vehicle Gelatin Rescue

Having my second child has really reinforced that idea that each child is unique. Whereas Xander really didn't care much about cars, trucks or planes, Archer LOVES his vehicles.  He often carries around one of his little school buses and definitely likes seeing vehicles out and about. 

To tap into that interest, I set up this Vehicle Gelatin Rescue for him.  I put four packets of unflavored gelatin in a cup of cold water. Then I stirred in three cups of boiling water.  Once it was mixed together, I added a bunch of little transportation math counters and popped it in the fridge. 
When it was all set up, I gave Archer some sensory tools and let him go at it. 

Of course, he had to taste it. That's why I am still careful what materials I give him for sensory play!
Even Xander got in on it (I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing them play together). 
When we were all done playing, we threw the transportation counters into the water table for a nice little wash.

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