Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Games for Brains: Hive

Playing Time: ~10-15 min
Players: 2
I found this game a few years ago, when I was on the hunt for games that would be easy to introduce to a younger kid.  I think Xander was 6 at the time we got it, although he picked it up right away. Each side has tiles that have different types of insects on them.  Each insect has a different way of moving.  The goal is to completely surround the opposite side's queen.  At first, I was worried that having to learn all of the different types of movements might become overwhelming, but the movements are simple enough, that it wasn't a problem.  Overall, the game feels a little bit like chess, but much quicker and less complicated. While we do not have the travel version, the bag that they come in is small enough, that it is easy to take with for trips.
Brain Value:
This game is pretty heavy on the strategy.  You have to consider how each piece moves, how best to get around their queen and keep your queen open.  Because the shape of the tiles affects movement a little bit, there's a tiny bit of visual/spacial reasoning to the game as well (or you can just try moving it and see if it fits). At first Xander moved pretty randomly, but now he's able to slow down and thing about moves, so he can win a lot more often.

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