Thursday, July 25, 2019

Games for Brains: Kingdomino

Playing Time: ~15 min
Players:  2-4 Players
It is always great to find simple games that play quickly and are fun! This game involves using dominoes to expand your "kingdom."  You have to match the type of landscape on the dominoes and get more points to bigger areas, as long as they have a crown somewhere in it.  Players also use little pawns to choose which dominoes they'll get the next round, but that also changes the turn order. (I think my description made it sound more complicated than it is). Since it is short, we can easily get in a few rounds during the baby's nap time and I still have time for some housework.

Brain Value:
Since new dominoes need to match at least one existing one, and you can only create a grid of a certain maximum size, this game involves some good visual/spacial reasoning.  I love that it also requires some planning ahead.  Xander has to not only think of what he wants to do this move, but how future pieces might fit and how his selection affects his turn order in the next round.

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