Friday, July 26, 2019

Fairy Garden Play Dough Kit

The boys have some little girl cousins who are adorable and the epitome of all things pink, unicorn, glittery and frilly!  I love my boys dearly, but sometimes wish for a more girly creative outlet too!  A recent birthday for one of our sweet cousins provided the perfect opportunity!  Here is the Fairy Garden Play Dough Kit I made for her.

I found this Latchmate storage box that had a cute little storage tray and seemed to be a good size for little kids to carry around (plus, it was pink). In the top I put a little watering can, some flowers, a mini teracotta pot and a Fairy Fantasies Toob (this Fairy Super Toob would also be adorable!).
The bottom had some fairy themed cookie cutters I found at the craft store, purple play dough and pink strawberry play dough.
The whole thing closed up in the box and has a handle, although, the watering can needed a little bending. 
I had so much fun making this box, I think I'll have to start making others!  I can't wait for Archer to be old enough for them!

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