Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Vampirina Tot Pack

We recently went to the birthday party of one of our little cousins and learned that she and he sister are obsessed with Vampirina.  They were so adorable in telling me all about her, that I decided to make them a Vampirina Themed Tot Pack.

You can download the Vampirina Tot Pack HERE.

Since the girls are different ages, I tried to include a range of activities.  Here's a look at what is inside:
  • Character Cards: Use for decoration, name matching or print two copies and play memory!
  • Shadow Matching— One page has images and another has "shadows." I cut out the images and laminated them and left the "shadow" page whole.
  • Line Tracing
  • Letter V Dot Page—Use with dot markers or magnets.
  • Shape Tracing
  • Number Clipping: I cut out the cards and use a clothespin to clip the correct number
  • Tally Mark Practice
  • Number Line
  • Coin Recognition
  • Math Die - There's a tally chart, graph and results page to use with the die
  • Maze
  • Counting by 2s Puzzle and a Counting by 10s Puzzle - I cut these out and laminated them to be sturdy while being manipulated.

Most things I print on cardstock to make it more sturdy. Manipulatives I laminate. For anything that can be reused, I usually use either our pockets or our Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center.

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