Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tot Trays - Rectangle Week

Tot Trays
Xander is 19 Months
 These are the trays from last week, so they happened during our Rectangle Week and our Service Vehicle Theme.  I try to have the trays link in when I can, but don't feel constrained by making them fit.  I don't intend the trays to be done independently, but rather scaffolded by me.

As I mentioned in the post yesterday, we have new trays, so this will be the last post with the ones!

Oreo Matching Game
This tray had our Oreo's Machin' Middles game.  Xander can match them, but not put them together, so I did that part for him.

We also used them to stamp shapes into play dough.

Magnet Play
I cut up some pipe cleaners and put them in a bottle.  I showed Xander how to use the wand to  move them around.  He liked it, but was sometimes a bit too enthusiastic about it and ended up whacking the bottle with the wand.

This tray had the lacing cards from my Service Vehicle Pack (posting tomorrow).  He can push the shoelace through the hole, or he can pull the lace.  He hasn't figured out how to do both because he won't let go.

Car Wash
This tray had his car wash.  It has been a while since he has seen it, and it really impressed me how much better he did at matching them up.

Puzzle of the Week
To go with the Service Vehicle Theme , this week's puzzle was the firetruck from his Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks.

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