Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brain Building Boxes- First Linky

Brain Building Boxes

 Xander is 19.5 Months

Since I switched shelves, I no longer am using the regular trays I had been using.  Most of the things that used to be on trays are now in boxes.  Things like the puzzles or other educational activities go on the shelves.  Due to the switch, I decided to start calling this series of posts Brain Building Boxes (BBBs).

 These are the boxes from last week, so they happened during our Cross Week and our Service Vehicle Theme.  I try to have the activities link in when I can, but don't feel constrained by making them fit.  I don't intend all of the activities to be done independently.  Most requiring scaffolding from me.

Pattern Matching
This activity was from the Service Vehicle Tot Pack.  There were two pattern templates to match and little vehicles to go with.  I only showed him one at a time to make it simpler.  He did a good selecting the vehicle correct vehicle, but hasn't fully grasped the concept of a pattern yet.  We will get there!

Parking Garages
This box used the parking garages I made and the vehicles from a Melissa and Doug Set.  He loved driving the vehicles in, but did not really understand the concept of which one went where.  If I had it to do again, I would probably color code them.

English Spanish Puzzles
 This box had some English/Spanish puzzles.  There are only two pieces so I was hoping he would be able to put them together.  While he could match them just fine, he wasn't quite able (didn't have the patience) to fit the two sides together.  Mommy helped.

Ambulance Template
This box had another activity from our Tot Pack.  I had all of the shapes to make up an ambulance and a template to follow.  This activity ended up being way over his head, but he liked watching me assemble the ambulance and we talked about the shapes together.

Cutting Food
This box had his cutting food, which is always well loved when I get it out.  I had little pieces of food all over the room this week!

Puzzle of the Week
This week we had two puzzles (thank you new shelves).  To go with the Service Vehicle Theme , this week's puzzle was the boat from his Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks.  Our emergency vehicle puzzle also fit in perfectly (and was a huge hit).

Brain Building Linky

Since I am always looking for new ideas for our boxes, I decided to start a Linky.  Have you posted about any sort of brain buidling work boxes, tot trays, busy bags, etc?  Feel free to link up!  All I ask is that you add the Brain Building Lynky button (in the sidebar) somewhere on your post.  Thanks!

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  1. Love the linky! I'll be linking up as soon as I get my post for this week up!

    I have the same bins, I've never thought to use them as the trays. Something for me to think about!


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