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Shapes - Cross

Shape Themes
Xander is 19 Months
Theme:  Service Vehicles
Shape: Rectangle

 We are currently working on shapes, devoting one week to each while also reviewing those already learned.   The themes just add a fun element to the shapes lessons, plus some extra vocabulary. I added a page to gather all of the Shape Posts and Printables to make them easier to find.  For our overall Tot School goals for our shape units, see my Goals post.

Shape Activities

The theme this week was Service Vehicles, which was a big hit.  Our shape was the rectangle.  We used our shape cards.  We also used some pocket chart phrases from our Cross Printables.  The concepts on these cards are pretty advanced, but he has been exposed to all of them on his Your Baby Can Discover moviesI believe the vocabulary and and reading practice certainly can't hurt.

As usual, I made a tracing page (Cross Printables) and put it in his Dry Erase Activity Center.  He wasn't all that into tracing this week, so he just scribbled instead.  He is still completely inconsistent with his grasp, but he has plenty of time to correct it, so I am not at all worried.


Our coloring sheet.  This is what we were doing when I found out Xander could read (blog post here).

Playing with the Highway Shape card from Making Learning Fun.

Xander loves his shape bean bags, and loves throwing them around the room.  We used the Highway Shapes for targets.

Shape cookie cutters.

I took our shape cards and some of the shapes from the Tupperware Shape Sorter for him to match up.

"Mom, I am trying to work here and you keep taking pictures!"

Playing with our magnetic shape book.

"Snow Painting" a cross.

He doesn't even need to look at what he is painting... the kid has skills.

He grabbed a book, got into a chair, and "read" to himself.  I love listening to him "read" his books.  I want to capture these moments forever!

As I wrote in yesterday's blog post, I learned that Xander could read his colors this week.  Just for the heck of it I got out some shape word flashcards (printed from Little Reader) and the shapes from one of his shape sorters.  Before I could even take the picture of the flashcards, he ran over put the star in the correct spot.  (Star is BY FAR his favorite shape.  He always has to do the star first in whatever shape activity we are doing).  He matched them all up perfectly except triangle, which he got on the second try.  Now that I know he is absorbing the words, I need to make more of an effort to do this type of activity!

Service Vehicle Theme Activities

We still used the cards from his Service Vehicle Tot Pack.

Who needs a shirt to do the matching puzzles?

I set out some of the service vehicle flashcards I made (also with  Little Reader) to see if he could match the puzzles to them.  He absolutely loves the Service Vehicle lesson I made for him on Little Reader and has been watching it multiple times a day (he would watch it again and again if I let him).  Unfortunately, I forgot to print ambulance, so we only got some of the vehicles.  He did a good job matching them to the correct card, but couldn't line the photos up.  

This was the song for this theme.  Xander got a huge kick out of the actions... particularly the "ding, ding, ding, ding, ding."

Reading and Math:
We are still using Little Reader to work on reading skills and Little Math for math skills.  My goal is two Little Reader lessons and one Little Math lesson daily.  He absolutely loves Little Reader, but only likes Little Math on some days.
I also made a Little Reader lesson to go with the Service Vehicles Theme.  Find it here.

This Week's Books:


Check back on Wednesday to see this week's  Tot Trays!

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  1. He sure loves his shapes - and how awesome to find out he's such a little sponge alreayd onto his shape words. My youngest often has that "don't take my picture" face too. To cute. :-)


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