Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tot Trays - Diamond Week

Tot Trays
Xander is 19 Months
 These are the trays from last week, so they happened during our Diamond Week and our Bee Theme.  I try to have the trays link in when I can, but don't feel constrained by making them fit.  I don't intend the trays to be done independently, but rather scaffolded by me.

Bug Matching
This tray ended up being one of Xander's all time favorites.    It had insect flash cards (from Target's dollar spot) and the corresponding insects from his Toob.  Most of the photographs from the flash cards are great but the grasshopper one isn't that great, so he had a bit of a trouble with the grasshopper and praying mantis.    The fly and ant were also a bit tricky, but he usually got them.  Other than that he did great!  He would want to match them up as soon as he finished.  I also loved hearing him "talk" about the insects.

Button Matching
This tray had the diamond board Xander's Bit Button Fun set.  Some days it was a big hit and others he didn't really want to touch it.

Bee Dot Page and Pom Pom Magnets
I found this magnetic desk at a garage sale a while back and it works out perfectly for the magnet page I made in his Bee Tot Pack.  This was the first time he used a magnet page and I was impressed by how well he did.  He did get a little bored with it part way through the week, so I ended up coloring the dots for him to match the pom poms to the colors.

Using the dot page on the potty... the kid can multitask.
Snug Bugs
I thought these Snug Bugs would fit perfectly with our Bee Theme.  They are kind of like pop beads, but a heck of a lot bigger.  These got buried in the basement, so he probably didn't remember having seen them before.  He really liked playing with them, unfortunately he wasn't able to put them together himself.  Instead we were able to do some matching and talk about patterns.

Puzzle of the Week
This week's puzzle was the Melissa and Doug Bug Catching Game.  He LOVES these magnetic puzzles.  He is getting pretty good at getting the pieces out but needs me to put them back in.  We did it again and again.

Better in bed.

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