Saturday, June 9, 2012

Best Books - Week 23

Best Books is my series of posts that highlights books we find during our book challenge!
These are our finds from week 23.

(Note:  We try to read a minimum of 28 books a week.  The books we list here are our favorites that we found in each week, not necessarily our favorites overall.  Some weeks we find some fantastic books, other weeks we read a lot of fluff.)

Xander's Favorite:
 Sea Horses by Melvin and Gilda Berger

Sorry, there was no picture for this book.  However, it has become one of Xander's daily readers.  It is a great non fiction book with high quality photographs and large text on a white background.  The book goes through different parts of the sea horse and how it is similar to other animals.  For example, the head is similar to that of a horse and the tail is similar to that of a monkey.  There were also fact bubbles throughout the book with more advanced/specific information.  The first time I got this book out, we read it about six times in a row.  Xander likes to neigh on the page with the horse, and point to his eyes on the page about eyes.  I will have to keep a lookout for more books like this at the library.

Mommy's Favorites:

My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil by Hanoch Piven

This book was about a little girl telling her grandmother about her school.  It was cute because she used a lot of similes to describe her classmates and teachers.  The book is illustrated, but the objects from the similes are depicted with real photographs.  Xander wasn't all that impressed, but I enjoyed it.

Book Store:
I added an Amazon Store to the blog.  In it I included a shop for our favorite books and will be adding the books from the Best Books posts to it.  I hope having them in one place will make it easier when looking for book suggestions.

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  1. The second book sounds like something my daughter might enjoy. Thanks for joining WMCIR!


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