Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break - Field Trips

Last week was my spring break.  We had an absolutely wonderful week spending time together.  We also got to go on some fun "field trips" together.

First we went to the John Deere Pavillion.  They have a great big place with tons of tractors to climb on and explore.  Xander had fun exploring it all, from law tractor to giant combine.  They even had a kids play area.

 We were blessed with some amazing weather, so we took a trip to the zoo.  I didn't get many good pictures of the animals (we have been there many times before, and will no doubt go frequently this summer), but I did get a cute ones of him.  I let him get out of the stroller and walk whenever he wanted.  He was so proud of himself to be walking, he was just beaming.

My brother was in town, so we took a trip out to a disc golf course that surrounds a lake.  It was beautiful, and we had a great time walking around together.  Xander loved getting to carry his own disc, although he rarely tried to throw it.

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  1. Oh my, we must live close to each other. I was at that same exact zoo last week!


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