Sunday, March 18, 2012

Color Themes - Gray Week

Xander is 16 Months

This week's color was gray, our very last stand alone color!  For practical purposes, I kind of blended silver and gray.  This week's bin contained painted wooden balls and spools, the dishes, silverware and phone from our play kitchen, a whisk, sheriff badges, a triangle, and jingle bells.  For some reason he really got a kick out of throwing the balls against the bookcase.  He did it multiple times this week.

Wearing one of his sheriff badges from the bin.

Of course we also did our regular color theme activities.  We read our color related books, played with our Leap Frog Maracas, and did some flash cards.

As I mentioned in a recent post, Xander has been obsessed with Little Reader lately, so we have been doing our flash cards on there most of the time.   Below is a picture of him watching Little Reader on the left, and Little Math on the right.

You can also download our English and Spanish Gray Color Books.  You can also download it and all the other color books from the Colors Page.

Coloring at his new table (post here).

When I ordered Xander's table, I also ordered a table top pocket chart.  Although they didn't fit well, we used it with our English and Spanish Color Cards.  It ended up being pretty handy.  I am excited to use it for 3 part cards and some pocket chart phrases I am working on.

Xander loved his mitten matching, and it is an activity we have done throughout our Color Themes.  However, since the weather is absolutely gorgeous, I decided it was time to change them out.  Now we have some colored shoes to match.  I added the printable to our Colors Page.

Our puzzle was a simple one.  I believe we got it from Goodwill last summer.  Had nothing to do with the color gray.

Since this was our last color, I decided to get our skill coins and bank back out.  You can download the sheet of coins here.
One tray had a rack intended for organizing baking sheets and a Barrel of Monkeys.

Handing the nuts to Uncle Brice as he helps him rotate tires.

Xander grabbed the little wrench that came to assemble his new table.  He then used the wrench to "help" tighten the nuts.

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